Gawker Uploads Private Photos of Hope Solo


Photos showing a naked Hope Solo have been uploaded to the internet included in a selection of hacked pics in the second such installment of hacked personal content of celebrities by 4Chan and other online sites such as Huffington Post.

The list of stars involved in the release also includes actress Vanessa Hudgens and model Kate Upton. New images of Lee Sobieski have also been released in this latest cache.

It is not clear when the photos were taken but research into the release are currently being made by the FBI.

Earlier in the month of september over 100 celebs were targetted by a group of hackers who took hundreds of naked pics and personal videos from their personal phones and released them to the public.

The original collection of images also included celebrities Kate Bosworth, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice.

Representatives for Kate Upton made an announcement on her official website saying they were investigating.